For many fields of application the roller kiln is a modern firing aggregate in modular design and one-channel or two channel construction for biscuit and glost firing as well as once firing of porcelain, earthenware and stoneware.

Newly developed roller kiln concepts ensure highest product quality at minimum maintenance and personnel expenses. For decoration firing of porcelain ware, i.e. the decor quality can be improved significantly by using this special heating system, compared with on-glaze kiln plants with open flame system. Now, it is possible to produce successfully even very old decor recipes by using modern kiln concepts.

For technical ceramics there is the roller up to 1600 °C, successfully in operation for the production of Al2O3 grinding balls or SiC ceramic filters.

The reliable roller drive system is equipped with helical gearing and runs in an oil bath, practically maintenance-free. Further advantages of this kiln type are the high temperature uniformity over the setting cross section in the different kiln zones and the significant reduction of the specific energy consumption and of the transit time.